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The Magnifica Deluxe is everything you love about our Magnifica Reverb, only doubled up on everything (except the size). Stacked for more, more more: The deluxe allows you to stack both reverb circuits (Reverb 1 feeds into Reverb 2) so you can subtley flavor the tones on each wet separately for lush full trails, or you can crank both to the max for...

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  New in V2! - Top mount Jacks, a full parallel wet/dry mixing blend control. A good compressor can be used to add sustain to your clean tone, create volume consistency across notes, chords and strings. Notes that last forever like David Gilmour, fluid lead lines like the great country guitarists, beautiful swells, you name it. The Refinery is a five-knob...

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Dual Delay / Reverb / Modulation

  Download Manual This tsunami of tone delivers classic tape delay sounds in an Analog/Digital hybrid. Featuring dual programmable delay times, its easy to dial in some incredible ambiance. Take it from simple slap-back all the way to the outer reaches of the universe.  Dual DelayThe three-way tape mode knob lets you chose from three classic tape delays. Binson Echorec:...

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  • Located in Tulsa, OK, Foxpedal crafts top quality effects for musicians who appreciate art and beauty. We are dedicated to quality tone and craftsmanship.

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