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Magnifica Deluxe



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The Magnifica Deluxe is everything you love about our Magnifica Reverb, only doubled up on everything (except the size).

Stacked for more, more more: The deluxe allows you to stack both reverb circuits (Reverb 1 feeds into Reverb 2) so you can subtley flavor the tones on each wet separately for lush full trails, or you can crank both to the max for some seriously out-of-this world wetness.

Feedback 1&2: Dial in the amount of reverb that's fed back into itself. Even into self-oscillation in some cases.

Tone 1&2: Control the tone of the reverberated signal. From dampened warmth, to pure unadulterated glassy-ness.

Reverb 1&2: Adjust the amount of wet*.

Under the hood: Crack this baby open to reveal an additional feedback trim pot for each reverb channel. These trimpots allow you to adjust the maximum range of the feedback knobs so you can tone them down, or crank them all the way into self-oscillation.


  • Top Jacks
  • Power: Standard 9 volt DC/ negative center, NO internal battery option.
  • Relay Bypass Soft-touch switching
  • Made in USA

*This unit will not do full wet, no-dry signal. there is always some amount of dry signal mixed in.

Dimensions: 2.6"W   x   4.6"H   x   1.5"D
Current Draw: ~130mA

Credit where its due! This circuit design is was inspired by circuits designed by CultureJam and GrindCustomFX.

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