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Killface V2

Bass Transparent Drive


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New in V2: Top-Mount Jacks and Soft-Touch Relay Bypass Switching

The Killface is a Bass-tuned version of our popular Kingdom overdrive,  a transparent overdrive that adds unicorns and fairy dust to your signal. Joking aside, it really brings to life your guitar and your tube amplifier in ways you've never experienced. 

The Killface isn't quite a Klone in the strictest sense. The circuit design is very similar to the original Klon Centaur and retains many of its characteristics while including some enhancements. Unlike the Klon, the entire audio chain is run on a higher voltage spread allowing for more headroom. A clipping switch has been added to allow for different hard clipping options. An overdrive switch allows you to add soft clipping to the feedback path of the IC, allowing for earlier and smoother breakup. Finally, the true-bypass footswitch allows you to keep your signal chain completely clean when its not engaged.


  • Tuned for Bass players
  • Overdrive and clipping options
  • NOS D9E Germanium Diodes
  • Top Mount Jacks
  • SMT Construction
  • Power: Standard 9 volt DC/ negative center, NO internal battery option.
  • Soft Touch Relay Bypass Footswitch
  • Made in USA

Dimensions: 2.6"W   x   4.6"H   x   1.5"D
Current Draw: ~40mA




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