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Dimensional Drive


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The Vixen is a stunning dimensional overdrive with loads of flexibility and an incredible dynamic range. At its core, The Vixen is based on the framework of our previous pedal, The Foxtail, but is a completely new pedal in almost every way. Featuring a 4148 diode more for more traditional overdrive sounds, The Vixen also features a Nanolog N3 which utilizes “Quantum Tunneling Technology” (yes, you read that correctly) for a completely different experience. This is not just alternate clipping, but is like having two completely different pedals to choose from in one enclosure.  Additionally, the tone control features Treble, Bass, and Presence knobs, which has greatly opened its range and made it extremely precise to dial in exactly what you want.

At low gain in the N3 mode, with volume at unity and all other settings at noon, The Vixen works very nicely as an “amp-tone sparkle booster.” It enhances your amp to simply become “more” of itself by giving it a slightly beefed up tonal profile by clarifying, but not coloring, your amp's sound. 

When you increase the gain you’ll find that it is buttery and smooth and extremely touch sensitive to the player’s dynamics. Tonally it turns on a dime, going from a round, “pleasantly-pushed compressor” sound to a crystal clear, clean-amp sound—all entirely based on the player’s interactions.

In the 4148 mode, you’re met with more traditional overdrive sounds. That little bit of extra bite and grit to really dig in while still being sparkly. It’s just the right amount of sizzle. It’s perfect for bright, singing leads or big full chords to really fill the space. One thing that is really special is the harmonics of this pedal. It’s almost as if, no matter what you do, you can still clearly hear each individual string. It is extremely articulate. It’s bright without being harsh. It growls without sounding muddy.

The Vixen is a truly versatile pedal, well suited for many playing styles. From “Always On” and Preamp functions, to clean boost, to fat creamy leads, to medium crunch it covers a lot of ground. It’s definitely a pedal you need to hear and “feel.”


  • Level, Presence, Gain, Bass and Treble Knobs
  • Nanolog N3 clipping
  • 4148 Diode Clipping
  • SMT construction 
  • Milled aluminum gold colored knurled knobs
  • Top Jacks
  • Soft Footswitch
  • Standard 9 volt DC/ negative center, NO internal battery option.


2.6"W   x   4.6"H   x   1.5"D

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